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Reiki Self Attunement Chakra Clearing

Light, Love, and Intelligence are the essence of Life. Your thoughts and feelings are the director of life or energy. However you use your thought and feeling determined how you are coloring or qualifying life and it also determines the level peace, mastery, and perfection you experience in life or the level of distress, pain and conflict you experience in your life.
The energy centers (chakras) of the body are influenced and impacted by your thoughts and habits, either constructive or destructive. In other words, what you think about the most, you become. All of this affects your money, spirituality, relationships, and and every other part of your life. I found a wonderful exercise that I will share with you today that will assist you in clearing the chakras and help you attune yourself to Reiki.
Here are the 3 free exercises I found to balance your chakras through Reiki and visualization.
1. The White Light:
In your mind’s eye, see a large beam of bright, crystal – white light coming into the top of your head. Make this light as bright as you can imagine. See and feel the light penetrating the inside of the top of your head, clearing away any darkness and negative thoughts from your crown chakra. Let the light travel through your body and imagine it clearing away all darkness throughout all the chakras. At the end of this meditation, you should be able to imagine all your chakras illuminated and perfectly balanced in size.
2. Breathing Colors:
As you take a deep breath, visualize yourself breathing in the color green. As you exhale completely, see yourself breathing out the color yellow. Next, breathe in the color blue as deeply as you can, and breathe out the color orange. Then, draw in the color purple with your breath, seeing the purple entering all of your cells and your blood stream. Finally, breathe out the color red completely. Repeat this meditation process three times.
3. Glass Globes:
Visualize eight beautiful glass globes stacked on top of one another. The globes are stacked from top to bottom: Royal-Purple, Red-Violet, Deep Blue, Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Sunshine Yellow, Vivid Orange, and Ruby Red. See the globes become larger, brighter, and increasingly illuminated with light. Make them all grow in size until they are equally large. See the globes as perfectly transparent and the colors as clear, without any spots on the glass.
These 3 exercises are great for beginners who are looking learn Reiki and attune themselves.
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Gurdjieff died in 1949, about the same year as Ramana Maharshi.

Gurdjieff essentially synthesized ancient esoteric teachings and made them approachable and applicable to the lives of rational Western individuals. His concepts and methods are still seminal in the spiritual work of the west.

A seeker will find in his teachings an immeasurable treasure, the essence of so many other teachings, both spiritual and psychological, on the inner life.

This Gurdjieffian extraordinary system of thought, which ranges from the most intimate, psychological insights to a grandiose cosmology linking the individual with the universe, is a synthesis of practices and teachings known as The Fourth Way.

Then there is the man himself. Gurdjieff was the archetypal Master, beaming with extraordinary psychic powers developed in secret schools and monasteries somewhere between the Caucasus and the Himalayas; brutal soul-shattering insights; marvelous humor which was both ribald in the extreme and breathtakingly penetrating.

Gurdjieff also had a capacity for love that was matched only by his ability to express rage. He was a master hypnotist, a master actor, a master healer.

Those who encountered him often had opposite ideas of who he was, usually as a result of his own intentional behavior.

Like many Masters, Gurdjieff sometimes gave the impression of being a charlatan or mad to arrogant egotistic individuals, while to others he was the most enlightened man they would ever encounter.

His radiant energy, the Buddhafield of the Master, always acted on people’s negative energies to send people with a lot of it away, and attracted people with a lot of good, positive Soul energy.

In such a way, as with all Masters, Gurdjieff consciously separated the evil weeds from the good grain!

This powerful Master Gurdjieff, with eyes that pierced to the depths of the soul was also an old man whose pockets were full of candy for the children.

He worked by many methods, to bypass the mind he worked with dance, Gurdjieff said, “I am a simple teacher of dance”. Devi Dhyani has given performances of “The Sacred Dances of Gurdjieff” in order to radiate her Buddhafield more strongly, to throw out the bad and energise the good.

And when he explained the theory of the evolution of substances like hydrogens and oxygens in Ouspensky’s book, “The Fourth Way”, Gurdjieff was just tricking him, taking a very long winded intellectual theory to say to intellectual Ouspensky and to anyone else reading it, to bypass the mind, “You need the radiation of a Master to quicken your evolution!”

His major concepts were Buffers or Energy Blockages, Mechanical people, Sub Personalities and the Soul Personality or Essence.

Mechanical People. For Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, mechanical persons are the mass of humanity and are asleep to their true condition and virtually incapable of change. “By himself, he is just an automaton with a certain store of memories of previous experiences, and a certain amount of reserve energy.”

Everything happens to us as to puppets pulled by invisible strings.

Sub Personalities. Another central idea of Gurdjieff is that the individual is not one. We have no permanent “I” or Ego. Every thought, feeling, sensation, desire is an “I” or sub personality which believes that it is the whole person.

Yet none of these “I’s” are connected and each depends on the change of external circumstances. To make things worse, there are often impenetrable defenses between each “I” which the Work calls “buffers” or “Energy Blockages” separating these sub – personalities or Alters from one another.

Gurdjieff states that one of our most important mistakes we make is our illusion about our unity. Gurdjieff writes: “His “I” changes as quickly as his thoughts, feelings, and moods, and he makes the profound mistake in considering himself always one and the same person; in reality he is always a different person, not the one he was a moment ago.”

Our every thought and desire lives separately and independently from the whole. According to Gurdjieff, we are made of thousands of separate I’s, often unknown to one another, and sometime mutually exclusive and hostile to each other.

The alternation of I’s is controlled by accidental external influences. There is nothing in us able to control the change of I’s, mainly because we do not notice it. Each separate I calls itself “I” and acts in the name of the whole person. This explains why people so often make decisions and so seldom carry them out.

Gurdjieff healed alcoholism and drug addiction the addictive sub personalities in rich young men by means of hypnotism, and was once paid an oil tanker for his work by the family of one such. But to remove ALL the sub personalities and access the one Soul Personality in Enlightenment requires much more conscious work of the student.

Essence, the soul personality and personality. In order to see clearly the roots of our psychological distortions, Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way defines two aspects of the individual: essence and the multitude of fleeting sub personalities. Essence, the soul personality, is what a person is born with, sub – personalities are that which are acquired, usually by some traumatic event, usually in childhood which splits the childish sub personality from the Soul stem.

All that is learned, both unconsciously through imitation and through acquired likes and dislikes, constitutes the outer part of the person, that which is changed by outer circumstances. Though personality is necessary, it must not be left to dominate essence or it will produce artificial persons, sub personalities cut off from their true natures, or the soul itself.

“This means that with a quick and early growth of personality, growth of essence can practically stop at a very early age, and as a result we see men and women externally quite grown up, but whose essence remains at the age of ten or twelve.” The Energy Enhancement concept of the inner child which needs to be healed before it can grow up.

Through the practice of Energy Enhancement Soul Contact Meditation, we can separate ourselves from the pretenses and imitations which have enslaved us since childhood and return to who we actually are.

Such a return to our essential nature is accompanied by a sense of liberation unlike any other. “To thyself be true” is the first commandment on the way of self-development and the attaining of a higher consciousness.

The fundamental abnormality in human beings lies precisely in the divergence between personality and soul – essence. The more nearly we know ourselves for what we are, the more we approach wisdom.

The more our imagination about ourselves diverges from what we actually are, the more insane we become: Gurdjieff, “Unless a man first finds himself, finds his own essential nature and destiny, and begins from them, all his efforts and achievements will be built only on the sand of personality, and at the first serious shock the whole structure will crumble, perhaps destroying him in its fall.”

Examples of shocks are disappointment and bereavement. Only the ego gets hurt. The Soul personality is never affected by disappointment or bereavement. These are two of the tests that this should be so within you!

The soul essence is the totality of the moments of self-awareness during one’s life. Yet moments of higher consciousness are very rare and gone as soon as they come. Once again, the reason such self-consciousness is so difficult to attain is that it is dependent on the conscious use of attention.

Gurdjieff required that each person verify the teachings for themselves based on their personal observations and experiences. That is why he rarely mentioned the idea of “God” even though he called his teaching “esoteric Christianity.”

His task was to help people free themselves from all that is false and imaginary in order that they might become receptive to their higher self and enter uncharted dimensions of consciousness on their own through liberation from the tyranny of their ego.

It is for this reason that Gurdjieff was so merciless on his students. He crushed the vanity and artifice of the sub – personalities, mocking those who thought they understood something. As we say in Energy Enhancement, “It is only the ego which gets hurt!”

Gurdjieff differentiated between two forms of knowing: knowledge and understanding. The first is of the head, the second is that which takes root in our being and transforms us. He did indeed humiliate many egos stuffed with pride and broke people’s confidence in their own importance.

Gurdjieff tore through our most cherished beliefs with astonishing force and irreverence, stung our vanities with brutal honesty, and called us to that ultimate journey toward the consciousness of who we are and who we are meant to be.

His “toast to the idiots” stung the ego but gave great information to the humble on where to start the spiritual work.

Behind the exotic masks of Gurdjieff, the oriental magician-rogue-teacher, was great compassion. Children and animals sensed it, while seekers of all classes and types found healing and new life from his sometimes bizarre requirements.

Gurdjieff came to wake us with uncompromising affection and assist us accessing our deeper selves. No one walks away unchanged from the teachings of this intense Master who has taught us to discover someone even more elusive than himself: the true nature of our being.

Energy Enhancement is ancient, effective, meditative techniques from 5000 years of successful spiritual technology comprising the Kundalini Kriyas, Soul Contact, the Grounding of Negative Energies and Energy Blockages and sub personality Inner Children, and more!

The increasing level of tension among the individuals in recent times has become one of the main causes that leads to the evolution of harmful diseases. Heart risks are the most common disease that affect an individual because of his high stress level. Meditation is a process that enables people to centralize their 100 percent concentration to one specific area of the mind and reduce the tension that they suffer from. Hemi sync is a trademark that cannot be afforded to be missed to mention while discussing about meditation. The audio CDs that are provided by this trademark is one of the most efficient ways of facilitating pure meditation for beginners.

Meditation is one of the most efficacious techniques that help people get some relaxation along with many other health benefits. It is the process that guarantees 100% effectiveness in enhancing one’s health condition. But few people do not obtain desirable results even if they meditate regularly and for a long time. It does not signify that the process is ineffective, but it indicates that the individuals have adopted improper techniques for meditation. Giving it a good start is really an important factor that determines whether the entire procedure would be successful. The tips of meditation for beginners, thus, must be followed if you desire to obtain better results. The audio products of hemi sync generate binaural beats to quieten the mind and provide significant peace of mind to those who meditate.

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Hemi sync audio products generate binaural beats that are considered as one of the most efficient means of facilitating pure meditation. When one introduces a sound of a particular frequency in the left ear along with a sound of a bit higher frequency in the right year, the human brain is compelled to form a third sound, which is referred as binaural beats. The beat that is played by the hemispheric synchronizing brand is also a helpful tool of meditation for beginners. The technology of binaural beats open up human perception to a great extent and also provide mental relaxation and reduces anxiety and depression.

Meditating after yoga have also been reckoned as one of the efficient tools of pure meditation for beginners. Power Yoga DVDs are available in the stores to help individuals adopt the different techniques for proper meditation procedure to be adopted after yoga. Hemi Sync or Hemispheric Synchronizing CDs generate binaural beats that make the human brain function harmonically to provide mental peace and reduce the stress level for a fret-free livelihood to those who meditate.

One of the books that I find myself returning to again and again is James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh. In many ways, Allen’s book was one of the first to draw power from the idea that thought is the most important tool we have to achieving wealth and happiness.

James was a Victorian writer who died before the first World War. Yet despite his short time as a writer, he managed to write a book that changed millions of lives and the path to success.

Born in Leicester, England in 1864, James worked as an administrative assistant and a writer for several years. Unlike many motivational leaders, James defined his success and happiness not in terms of plenty, but in terms of want. His ideal life was one of quiet and peace: inspired by Tolstoy, James lived in voluntary poverty, devoting himself to manual labor and rigid self-discipline whenever possible.

James was also a man of meditation. He realized that the in order to focus your thoughts, you have to give them room to grow. So every day he would meditate for an hour, facing the sea. James believed in the innate goodness of all individuals, that we had been given our rationality as a divine gift. He believed that the highest level of moral evolution was when human beings learned that we ought toand cancontrol our thoughts.

In his book As a Man Thinketh, James writes that as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Individuals have the power to form their own character and happiness. The outward world is always in harmony with the inner state.

What really impresses me is James’ emphasis on meditation. I developed the 5-Minute Mindset Workout because I believed that success was impossible without constantly taking time to harmonize our thoughts and feelings with our desires. James came to the same conclusion in his bookwhen we realize the power of mediation, he wrote, we experience kinship with nature.

Kinship is another way of saying that we are in complete harmony with nature. But this is not a harmony where we are brought up to nature’s power and influence; it is a power where we bring nature into harmony with OUR power.

The implications of this are huge! The infinite power of the world can be shaped by us into anything we want or need. Whatever the conditions in our life, we can draw specific powers we need, attracting the elements of nature that will bring our happiness and success.

James Allen’s words were revolutionarythey came out during a dark period in English history, where science and religion were at war. James offered a compromisedivine or scientific, what’s important is the individual and his own happiness. It was the promise of a happy man, who had achieved his happiness on his own terms.

Many people have different beliefs in the afterlife which may range from and include a belief in ultimate death or nothingness to a belief in a peaceful, or hellish home for us after we are dead. A pleasant alternative to these thoughts for many people is the thought that we are born again, living many lifetimes.

1) Why Reincarnation?

There are many theories about this philosophy called reincarnation, including an explanation for deja vous (also called deja vou, de ja vu, etc.), explanations for phobias and panic attacks, and more.

An experience in a past life may be influencing who you are and how you behave today, whether that means that you are authoritarian because you used to be a noble or humble because you were a priest.

The reasons behind reincarnation are likewise very wide. Some people believe that it is simply the way things are, and that we will be recycled forever. Some feel that we are actually striving over many lifetimes for perfection or nirvana, which is a belief that is a part of the core of the Buddhist religion or way of life.

That means that past life regression can almost be a shortcut to learning what you need to know in this life.

Reincarnation is also the source of the terms old soul and new soul. An old soul is a term used to describe a person who seems wise or otherwise virtuous beyond their years, indicating that they may have lived many lives in the past as opposed to a new soul type of person, who might be more self-absorbed, naive, or uncaring.

2) Past Life Regression

If you have an interest in reincarnation, then you may wonder who you were in a past life and how your past lives influence you today. Some people feel that because they have lived many lives and their souls have been born again, they will be able to recall the information from the past.

Others are only curious or looking for easy answers, and still more may be looking for ways to learn about themselves.

Past life regression often involves guidance, but it can be done alone with practice. It involves seeing or otherwise interacting in some way with your own past self so that you can have some of the experience of the lives that you have lived in the past.

You may find that you recognize people from your regressions, and many people believe that souls tend to stick to the same rough groups from lifetime to lifetime. For that reason, your daughter may appear to you in a regression as your best friend, or even your parent!

3) Enemies might be familiar as well.

Finding these themes can help you to find a way to solve the problems that come with them.

For example, does your daughter still boss you around like your mother? In this example, a mother might find a new tact to take with her daughter who is only retaining a sense of command that worked well for her in the past.

It can also help you better understand your role in this life and the way that you react to situations as opposed, perhaps, to how you should react.

4) A Past Life Regression Exercise

If you are looking for a way to look into your own past in a brand new way, and you want to do it on your own, then you will need a journal and a pen. When it is time to go to bed, breathe deeply, relax as much as possible, and repeat in your mind for as long as you can that you would like to remember something from a past life in your dreams.

Also state that you will remember this piece and recognize the significance when you wake.

You may get off track in your repetitions and move on to tomorrow shopping list. Put that aside and get back to your affirmation for as long as you can. You will drift, however, this is a part of falling asleep.

Bring yourself back to the words as much as possible until you fall asleep.

When you awake, think about what you recall from your dreams. Write down everything you remember about the dream in your journal to study later. Sometimes the relevant information comes right to the front, and other times this requires patience and study to achieve.

Continue to practice every night, and you may eventually even get a full session or story from your past life in a dream as your mind and the universe begin to understand what you want.

Kriya Yoga, particularly Kriya pranayama is sanctifying your energy system in your light body as well as purging your physical body. Kriya Yoga therefore should only be done in combining with the basic life rules of any spiritual living. These life principles are practical portion of Kriya Yoga and should be followed rigorously by anyone practicing Kriya Yoga or any other likewise potent technique aspiring at God-realization.

When you employ a potent acid-based cleansing agent to a clear sink in your house – nothing happens at all ! When you utilize the same cleanup agent to a choked sink, it commences to bubble and boil and foam. You see ample potent and sometimes dangerous action by the cleanser. Such is the result of Kriya Yoga. Utilized in the body of a holy man no upshots because a holy man IS God realized and thus virgin. However when utilized in the body of an self minded individual, lots of effects or side-effects are encountered and experienced.

An ordinary body of a mortal on earth is full of karma and low degree energies that need to be changed into higher vibe or taken out of your energy system. This is done in your body by using pure love from God during your Kriya Pranayama practice session.

Learn to rigorously abide by all life principles and open yourself for God more during this divine refining process. This means you first need additional time for Kriya Yoga meditation and spiritual life. More time means several hours a day at least or maybe even retire from regular life for a few months or longer and go to a holiday some where in a natural environment, a mountain region, woods, jungle, island, be as far as possible alone and spend more time with God as the primary goal and heart.

Passing quality time for God in mother nature will speed up and facilitate your advancement and make refining of body, mind and soul smooth. To exercise Kriya Yoga while being fully active in the material world of money and industrial employment is almost impossible. However it is possible, but you will need to prepare rigorous priorities in life. If you are serious about spiritual advancement. then do your daily work then spend the rest of the day for the common and social spiritual welfare of all in need as well as for your true spiritual progress and spiritual practices.

A spiritual retreat for a few months every on occasion however is most beneficial and commended to all serious God-seekers. There are many natural places on this planet where you can spend months and live mostly on what nature is offering you. You also may find several ashrams and or Christian monasteries that are open to ALL God-seekers independent of their religious belief to provide protection and tranquility awhile and allow spiritual progress to take place in a peaceful and shielded surroundings. In the sacred traditions of India people mostly move into Himalaya or into jungle far off from civilization to have their time with God and meditation. The reward of this method: It always is totally free and anyone can afford it. Some ashrams with a true Kriya Yoga Guru or Christian monasteries sustained by generous contributions can afford to have invitees without giving any donation too. Pray to God for direction and help, and God shall bring you to the best suited solution for your particular situation in life.

Meditation guided mantras can be the key to unlocking your full meditation potential. Depending on what sort of meditation you practice, a mantra is a word, phrase or syllable you utter while meditating that can help you focus. Mantras can be spoken aloud or silently thought, either way they help keep your excess thoughts at bay. For thousands of years, many meditation practitioners have been using mantras to enhance the power of their meditations. If you find yourself having difficulty in choosing what you want to use as a mantra, the following will provide some tips to make your selection easier.

You should begin to choose a meditation guided mantra by doing a little word association. Think of what you want to achieve through meditation, and write down words associated with that. If you are looking to gain a greater sense of calm, you might want to write words like peace, tranquility, or other related terms. Do the same for all of the goals you have for your meditation schedule. Read all the words you think of out loud. Hopefully, one or more of them should stand out or resonate with you.

The next time you meditate, try out your chosen word or phrase as your mantra. Whether you say your mantra aloud or silently in your head during your meditation guided sessions, work it into your meditation routine as seamlessly as possible. Try repeating it for approximately twenty minutes while meditating. Be sure to draw out the word, especially if you have chosen a mantra with more than one syllable. Stretch out the word or phrase so that it feels very calming for you to say repeatedly.

Even if you select a perfect mantra, it may be helpful for you to incorporate some more traditional mantras or chants. It might seem like a stereotype to chant the Om or Ah sound, but it can be very helpful. There is also a very well known Buddhist chant you may want to take up, that being “Om mani padme hum.” Repeating either the Om or the entire chant is likely to help you clear your mind and provide a nice beginning to a meditation session in which you can insert your own chosen mantra. As your goals change, be sure to update and change your mantras so that you continue to achieve the goals you have set for your work in meditation guided.

It is an unfortunate truth that people nowadays live their lives in the shadow of stress. Meditation will help lower this. From the time these people get up to the time that they fall asleep, they are bombarded by tensions and stressors. An excellent comprehension of meditation tips and methods is vital to maintain a favorable mental perspective in this chaotic environment. By meditating regularly you will notice a much calmer sense of self. Proper management of stress should be practiced in each section of your life in order to be successful. A wide range of topics from health and nutrition to meditation and simplicity should be included in any decent discourse of meditation tips. Meditation implies handling stressors before they are allowed to influence your mental state, and comprehending the fundamentals is necessary before taking more intricate steps to relieve stress in your life.

Mental tension can be caused or made worse by stresses on the body. For this reason, diet and wellness are vital inclusions when considering meditation tips. What you consume plays an essential part in determining your physical and mental stress levels. Vegetables and lean proteins should be the focal point of a balanced, stress-reducing diet plan. Green tea includes anti-oxidants that can help with the reducing of stress. Vitamins are also very crucial. Beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin B all help to reduce the negative effects of stress. Be sure to incorporate an adequate amount of these vitamins in your diet, and consider dietary supplements if you fall short of the recommended daily allowance. Stay clear of consuming anything in significant volumes that adds stress to your body and sets up your mind for greater stress. Most of these bad influences are apparent. Alcohol, smoking, sugar, pop, caffeine, and carbohydrates can all increase stress levels. If you cannot go without one or more of these damaging mental influences, then at least exercise moderation for the sake of your stress levels!

Managing stress also is based to a great extent on adopting a healthy mindset. Meditation tips that address your mental perspective on life include things like evaluating your priorities, practicing optimism, fine-tuning your standards and expectations, attaining perspective and attempting to concentrate on the big picture. To be able to efficiently lower stress, it is critical to examine your priorities. Only the most important aspects of your life deserve your consideration and time. Everything else can develop into an unneeded drain on your time and raise your stress. The value of optimism cannot be overstated. Research has shown that even pretending to be an upbeat person can elevate your mood and reduce stress. It is vital to manage expectations and see yourself as piece of something bigger than yourself. These two attitudes will begin to combat stress before it can actually start to manifest in your life. With wholesome expectations and a comprehension of your position in the world, stress will become less of a problem.

Simplifying your life and the elimination of the extraneous is an crucial meditation tip. Distractions, negativity, and unfulfilled individuals should all be on the checklist of items to remove from your life as soon as possible. You do not have to turn into a monk and forsake all of your worldly property in order to simplify your life. Simplification is about managing the unnecessary stimuli in your existence. Even cutting down clutter in your living space or conquering an addiction can enhance that control. Great meditation should also include getting rid of negative influences from your life. Think of all the time that is wasted by trivial disruptions at work. Consider shutting your door while accomplishing important tasks to prevent these disruptions. A proactive approach to meditation means keeping away from stressful situations and people that bring anxiety into your existence. Removing the unneeded stressors and interruptions from your life will develop an environment that is more favorable to relaxation and serenity than anxiety and mayhem.

Time management is the next issue that you must take into account in your campaign to get rid of stress from your life. Do you maximize each component of your day and only participate in the activities which truly make you completely happy? Do you waste your time and find yourself frequently seeking to catch up? Resources that teach or facilitate time management are abundant. Any good stress management method ought to incorporate as many of these assets as feasible. Managing your time successfully means thoroughly understanding your dreams, priorities, and goals. These overarching items should be the only elements in your life for which you strive to put aside time. Take modest steps at first; it is not necessary to make radical life changes instantly. With these factors you can start the procedure of taking control of your life. When you properly command your time, you can effectively control your stress.

With a tension-free life as the supreme target, begin to include these stress management tips into your day-to-day life. These tips are merely the starting point. Valuable meditation should be a component of every section of your life in order to totally eradicate stress. The method may proceed at a varied pace for each individual, but constant progress will lead to a relaxed and satisfied life. Don’t forget to rally your good friends and loved ones to develop a system of support. These positive interactions will help your entire community get rid of stress from their lives and can be one of the most significant factors for reaching good results.

The reason for this document is to help you understand the relationship between your Three Minds by explaining what they are and how they serve you and how to communicate with all three of them. This came about as a result of my work with a Hoo Pono Pono meditation and the realization that you are more apt to use the meditation if you better understand how and why it works as well as it does.

Hoo Pono Pono is a very powerful, life-transforming meditation. To get the most benefit from the meditation it helps to understand how it works and why. It works regardless of whether you completely understand how and why or not; however, I believe it will be much more powerful and freeing for you if you can understand the how and the why. Understanding the how and why comes as a result of knowing how your Three Minds work; your Conscious, Unconscious, and Super Conscious Minds also sometimes referred to as your Three Selves; Lower, Middle, and Higher Self.

You first must understand that everything in your life is 100% your own responsibility. This is sometimes difficult for many people to comprehend; due in a large part because of your pasts and your environment, in other words how society almost has you trained or brainwashed into thinking that you can cause another person to feel a certain way. The first thing you need to understand is that you are responsible for your own feelings, all of them, and no one else can make you feel anything. You CHOOSE to feel whatever you feel; always, with no exceptions. I know, I know, this is not easy to accept for a lot of people, but it is true and the sooner you understand it, accept it, and begin to practice it, the sooner you will be free from feeling controlled by anyone else.

If you take a moment and think about this, I believe you will quickly come to the realization that it is true you may not like it, however, it is true. Okay, now that you know that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, I hate to do this to you, but it is really important that you also understand and think about what I am about to say. Not only are you responsible for everything that goes on in your own life, you are also 100% responsible for anything and/or everything you hear/see/read about. In other words, if you are talking with a friend and they tell you about something bad that happened to someone they know, now, you are also responsible for that as well, whatever it is.

So, not only is it difficult to comprehend being 100% responsible for everything you do or say yourself, now it is almost impossible to comprehend being responsible for something you knew nothing about 5 minutes ago, but now that you know about it, you are responsible for it!

I know, I know not only is it hard to understand or comprehend; it is also, at the surface, unsettling to say the least. How on earth can that be? Well, first of all it is not on Earth, it is in the Spiritual or unconscious realm.
To help you understand this better, lets take a look at our minds.
For the sake of all of us being on the same page, I am going to ask that you follow along with me as I explain how this works and the cool part is that once you understand this concept, you will then understand how you can be responsible for something you had no part in or so you thought. And, why and how Hoo Pono Pono works as well as it does.

The Three Minds
The three minds are the Conscious, Unconscious, and Super-Conscious Minds. Also known as Body, Mind, and Spirit; Body, Mind, and Soul; Body, Mind, and Emotions; etc.

For the sake of this paper I will use the following:
The Conscious Mind; sometimes referred to as the illusion of I.
The Unconscious Mind, many refer to this as the Sub-conscious; for the sake of this article they mean the same.
The Super Conscious Mind, also known as our Higher Self.

Your Conscious Mind is that part of you that commands and/or controls your response and reactions to external events. This is the part of you that often wants to be Right. Suppose for example that you ask someone for help with a project you are working on. You have an amiable discussion and trade ideas and suggestions and arrive at an agreed upon outcome. When you are done, you feel whole and complete and in charge, in control.

Now, lets change that scenario a bit and you are having the same discussion, however, the other person suggests ideas that you do not agree with. They simply refuse to see things the way you see them and you cannot come to an amiable agreement. You start to have feelings of frustration and maybe even anger starts to arise. You find yourself getting worked up, you are not as calm as when you started. The rational thoughts you would normally have under the previous circumstances are now disrupted by conflicting feelings and even ideas of revenge you start to take things being said personally, start to raise your voice and perhaps even throw up your arms in defeat simply because the other person did not agree with you and what you wanted to do.

What happened, where did these feelings come from? They come from the Unconscious Mind. Once these feelings start to occur, your Conscious Mind starts sending thoughts to Be cool, dont get upset; maintain your calm. Your Conscious Mind may also be telling you that rather than risk damage to the friendship, you need to be mature about it and simply keep your cool. Your actual response to the situation will be dependent upon your level of training and practice of control the Conscious Mind has over your Unconscious Mind, in other words how well you can control your emotions. This can be very difficult sometimes due to the Unconscious Minds release of adrenaline and the fight or flight response.

What is the end result of the above scenario? In the best of circumstances your Conscious Mind will realize what is happening and you will not react to the negative feelings brought up by your Unconscious Mind; however, more often than not, the opposite will occur. You will more than likely express your dissatisfaction with the situation or person helping you only to later regret having had a negative reaction to the incident. Often times, after the incident and you have cooled down, you ask yourself, What happened, why did I get so upset? I wish I had not reacted in such a negative way.

We are aware of our Conscious Mind, and under certain circumstances we can perceive the presence of our Unconscious Mind. We know the Conscious Mind gives us our inductive reasoning powers, our gift of speech and will-power. The mission of our Conscious Mind is to take care of the body, to work or earn a living, to make decisions and choices in life, and most importantly, to guide and counsel the Unconscious Mind in its path of evolution.

However, the Conscious Mind has very little memory; it can barely remember what you had for breakfast this morning, and must rely upon the Unconscious Mind for remembering. The Unconscious Mind, on the other hand, remembers everything, it is similar to a disk drive on your computer in that it stores every piece of information given to it and has the ability to recall any memory at any time. The Unconscious Mind is; however, the lesser evolved of the three minds; it has excellent memory abilities, is the seat of all emotions, but cannot reason. For this, the Unconscious Mind must rely upon the Conscious Mind.

It is important to understand that the Unconscious Mind also is very easily impressionable and highly susceptible to suggestion this is why the Power of Suggestion should not be taken lightly. Interestingly enough, this is also the source of our psychic abilities and where our ability to project, or do astral travel comes from. The Unconscious Mind is also the origin of our intuition.

Now then, all that being said the following is the key component of the Unconscious Mind. It has the ability to manufacture mana energy this is the Universal Life Force, also known as Chi, or Prana, or in the case of Hoo Pono Pono, Aka. This energy comes from our environment; the food we eat, the vitamins we take, the air we breathe, etc. This energy is not only necessary for the vital functions of the body, it is also necessary by the Conscious Mind in order to exercise its will and to perform reasoning and thinking.

The Unconscious Mind is where our Aka cords originate. These cords of energy are projected as thin threads of the psychic, invisible body and attach to other people, animals, or things. These threads carry the mana, the energy, used by the Unconscious Mind to send information to, or collect it from the external object. This information is then offered to the Conscious Mind in the form of feelings or intuitive hunches. The Unconscious Mind is also the source of our healing powers. We all have the ability to heal; however, only a few understand and utilize that ability.

The Super Conscious Mind
The Super Conscious Mind is sometimes referred to as our Guardian Angel, the Higher-consciousness, or the Master within. The Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas called it the aumakua, which means, the utterly trustworthy parental spirit. The Super Conscious Mind has a superior form of thinking. The Conscious Mind uses reasoning and inductive thinking, the Unconscious Mind uses emotion, memory, and feeling, the Super Conscious Mind uses a higher form of thinking that includes reasoning, emotion, and memory; in essence, the Super Conscious Mind is the link between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind. The Super Conscious Mind also has access to the Universal Knowledge, sometimes known as the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records, however, is another discussion. For now, think of the Akashic Records as the Library of the Universe the place where all information about everything since the beginning of time is stored.

If and when you have a Knowing, this comes from the Super Conscious Mind and reaches us in a way that the reasoning of the Conscious Mind does not comprehend as well as the emotion that the Unconscious Mind does not comprehend. When you get a Knowing, you can trust that it is for your own betterment.

All three Minds are always available to you at all times; however, you cannot normally hear the Super Conscious Mind unless you quiet the Conscious and Unconscious Minds. Most often, your Super Conscious Mind is accessed when you are sleeping; you can also access it after prayer, if you remain quiet and actually listen for it. Meditation is the most reliable way to access your Super Conscious Mind; this is why it is so important to learn and practice meditation on a regular basis. Most communication from the Super Conscious Mind comes to you in the form of Intuition, or a feeling or hunch. It is important to remember that the Super Conscious Mind is that part of you whose mission it is to guide you. Because of this, it is important to learn to listen to what it is telling you. It is giving you free advice and will never steer you wrong; if you only learn to listen to it. Again, I strongly recommend that you learn and practice meditation on a regular basis.

What is the key to happiness? The key to happiness is learning the structure of your minds and to begin working with them, all three of them. Through understanding and working with your minds, you can rid yourself, or cleanse, all of your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

There is increasing medical evidence that it is the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are kept trapped within that is the cause for most, if not all, of the major chronic illnesses, both mental and physical. These emotions are the result of past events that you have stuffed, that is have not dealt with at the time of occurrence. You keep them trapped in your Unconscious Minds where they hold and block large amounts of mana energy. When you do not acknowledge them appropriately, every time something else happens that triggers them, they attempt to come out all at once. This is why often times when something angers you and you get a lot more angry than the current circumstance or situation merits, it is because that anger, or negative emotion has opened the Unconscious Mind and everything that is trapped within attempts to get out, or escape.

Likewise, if you ever feel like you are just wandering through life aimlessly, seemingly without purpose or meaning, it is because you have lost the connection to your Super Conscious Mind.

Remember, you have three separate and distinct Minds, the Conscious, Unconscious, and the Super Conscious Minds. Another way to look at it is that your Unconscious Mind is your animal part, the emotions of which need to be tamed and controlled, or managed. You need to change the selfish, immaturity to cooperation. If you do not change your Unconscious Minds and transmute the anger, frustration, aggression, and selfishness into love, tolerance, and compassion, you will continue to ride a roller coaster of chaos, confusion, and pain.

The Conscious Mind has the responsibility to guide and counsel the Unconscious Mind; its mission being to help the Unconscious Mind to evolve. The Conscious Mind must also give up its belief that it needs to be right and stop controlling the external world, attempting to make it a specific way. The Conscious Mind must become courageous and generous, unselfish, tolerant, and patient, as well as compassionate. In short, the Conscious Mind must control the negative emotions of the Unconscious Mind.

The Super Conscious Mind is with you to guide and counsel the lower pair of Minds. Its mission is to help them to evolve. The three minds each have different abilities and different priorities. You must find a way to get them to all work together using the best abilities of each; the emotional and memory-bound, deductive Unconscious Mind; the rational, logical and inductive Conscious Mind, and the superior consciousness of the Super Conscious Mind. Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of meditation to bring the Three Minds together harmoniously.

Now then, this is all great and wonderful, right? You understand the Three Minds much better; however, how do you connect the dots, so to speak, how do you communicate with the Three Minds?

Your normal mode of communication with others is through speech; however the Super Conscious and Unconscious Minds cannot speak, your gift of speech is specific to the Conscious Mind only; therefore, you must find another way to communicate with the other minds. The Super Conscious and Unconscious Minds do not recognize speech; their form of communication is through symbols or pictures. This is often done through the use of Tarot cards, Runes, Tea Leaves, and other new age methods. While these are good ways to communicate, most of them require training. Once again, I am going to bring up meditation, for through meditation, you use your Conscious Mind to picture, or visualize whatever it is that you want to communicate. This works very well as you may now understand because you are taking what you see in the external world and internalizing it through the use of visualization, in other words, symbols and pictures.

If you have not meditated, or have trouble with it, here is a simple exercise that will help you to learn to meditate and also communicate with your other two selves at the same time.

Set apart some time every day for the sole purpose of communicating with your Super Conscious and Unconscious Minds. Preferably, a half-hour; however, if that is too long then start with 10 minutes per day, then increase to 20 minutes, and continue increasing it until you are comfortable with a half-hour. If you do this on a regular basis, you will find that it wont be long and you will be comfortable sitting quiet for an hour or more. Please though, do your Self a huge favor and set aside at least 10 minutes that is not too much to ask for a happier life, now is it? It is important that it is quiet turn off all electronic devices, no TV or music in the background, no cell phone, unplug the house phone, do what you can to ensure complete quiet for the allotted time.

Now, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Then tell your Unconscious Mind, in a low voice, that you would like to get to know it better. For example, Hello my Unconscious Mind, I would really like to get to know you better. Begin by asking it to remember fond times from your childhood. For example, Please help me remember some fond times from my childhood. Then just sit quietly and notice any memories and feelings that come up.

Do not judge or analyze anything that comes to you; simply recognize it. In the beginning, your ego, your Conscious Mind, will likely try to object to you doing this you may get the thought, This is ridiculous, why am I talking to myself? Just let that go and reaffirm to your Unconscious Mind that this is important to you and it wont be long before you discover how much valuable information is freely available to you, if you but learn to listen. Keep practicing this until it becomes second nature. When it become easy for you, then, before you make any important decisions, stop and quietly ask your Unconscious Mind for help and advice. Once you learn to do this, you will realize that your Unconscious Mind will never steer you in a wrong direction. It wont be long and you will have a new best friend YOU! A word of caution here, sometimes the Conscious (Ego) Mind will try to dissuade you from listening to the Unconscious Mind so in the beginning, do not make major decisions until you learn to know the difference. The more you practice the meditation, the more confidence you will gain until the difference between your Unconscious and your Conscious-Ego minds are crystal clear.

The next thing to remember is that in order to communicate with your Super Conscious Mind, you must do so through your Unconscious Mind. We do not have a direct connection to the Super Conscious Mind and cannot normally communicate directly with the Super Conscious Mind; however, once you learn to communicate with the Unconscious Mind, which in turn communicates with the Super Conscious Mind, it will eventually seem transparent as if you do have a direct link to your Super Conscious Mind. To communicate with our Super Conscious Mind you must send your messages through the Unconscious Mind in the form of symbols or pictures and feelings. Note, if the Unconscious Mind refuses or ignores the request, no message is sent to the Super Conscious Mind. That is why many prayers and visualizations do not work; the Un

Human beings’ lives nowadays are filled with stress. There are incredibly few occasions in a fast-paced lifestyle that are free from tension and stress. Stress is inescapable in this type of setting, and meditation tips are consequently essential to keeping yourself sane. By meditating regularly you will notice a much calmer sense of self. Controlling stress successfully means taking action in numerous parts of your life. The right meditation tips include everything from adequate nutrition to your relationships to simplification and mindfulness. As with any course of action, the basics of meditation need to be understood before more complicated topics can be addressed, and a proactive solution is always the best choice.

Sensible diet and overall physical wellness are important meditation tips due to the direct relationship between stress on the human body and stress on the mind. What you consume plays an vital role in deciding your physical and mental stress levels. Vegetables and lean proteins should be the focal point of a healthy, stress-reducing diet plan. Green tea has anti-oxidants that can bring about the lowering of stress. Vitamins are also quite crucial. Beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin B all help to decrease the adverse side effects of stress. Be certain to incorporate an ample amount of these vitamins in your diet, and consider supplements if you fall short of the suggested daily allowance. Additional stress can be put on your body and consequently on your mind if detrimental, unhealthy foods are ingested in big amounts. Caffeine, alcohol, pop, drugs, and sugary carbohydrates are a few of the things that fall into this class. The chemicals need to be eliminated totally if possible, but some people are not able to cut them out fully. In this circumstance, moderation is crucial.

Implementing a healthy way of thinking is also essential for managing stress. Meditation tips that address your mental outlook on life include analyzing your priorities, practicing optimism, fine-tuning your standards and expectations, gaining perspective and attempting to concentrate on the big picture. To be able to effectively decrease stress, it is critical to analyze your priorities. Only the most essential features of your life deserve your attention and time. Almost everything else can become an unnecessary drain on your time and raise your stress. The importance of optimism can’t be overemphasized. Research has revealed that even pretending to be an upbeat person can lift your spirits and decrease stress. Realigning your expectations and looking at the big picture are a couple of methods to fight stress before it even turns into an issue. With wholesome expectations and a knowledge of your place in the world, stress will come to be much less of an issue.

Simplifying your life and the eradication of the unneeded is an essential meditation tip. Disruptions, negativity, and miserable people should all be on the list of items to eliminate from your life as soon as possible. The first vital step on the route to a stress-free existence is simplification. Efficient simplification for the objective of meditation does not have to be extreme. Simplification is about managing the excess stimuli in your lifestyle. Even decreasing clutter in your living area or overcoming an addiction can enhance that control. Great meditation should also include getting rid of negative influences from your life. A closed-door policy at work can help reduce unimportant work interruptions. A proactive approach to meditation implies avoiding stress filled circumstances and individuals that carry tension into your life. By getting rid of the negative from your life, you will allow more space and time for the constructive elements of your life. This in turn will lead to diminished stress.

Since you are now taking a proactive approach to controlling your life and your stress levels, it is now the moment to think about how effective your time management abilities are. Is your time spent only on pursuits that make you completely happy? Or, like countless people who let stress control their lives, do you expend the majority of your time in pursuits that just increase your stress? There are many exceptional resources out there for efficient time management, and these should be a significant part of any routine designed to control stress. Begin a comprehensive process of writing down all of your objectives, dreams, and priorities. When separating your time, focus on these things above all other aspects of your life. Immediate changes are neither essential nor advisable. Small, deliberate progressions will yield more continuous and reliable outcomes. With these factors you may begin the procedure of taking control of your life. When you effectively command your time, you can effectively command your stress.

These meditation tips are only the beginning of a anxiety-free life. In order to be free from anxiety, you should analyze each section of your lifestyle and determine how to best implement these ideas. Also, do not neglect the creating of a support network. Your family and close friends will be some of the most effective assets you can find for eliminating stressors and reprioritizing your life.